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There are a number of different places to go if you still haven't had your fix of Pools', below are some of my favourite websites solely about the club and those which are about football in general. Below these are a comprehensive listing of books about the club. If you spot any holes in the list please let me know.

Hartlepool Specific

Hartlepool United FC - The official site of the club. Obviosuly the place to go for all news from the club, as well as for the coming fixtures.
Pools World - The Club's subscription multimedia site, for highlight's of matches and live commentary of all games.
In The Mad Crowd - The other statistical site about Pools, a brilliant and well used site, definitely worth a look.
The Poolie Bunker - The best of a bunch of Pools messageboards. If you want to wax lyrical about the last game this is the place to go, be careful though, as the chat often takes very strange tangents!!
Vital Hartlepool - Part of the Vital Football network, the site contains news, reviews and a forum.
Monkey Business - The Official site of the Pools' fanzine, like. It features alot of the humour of the printed version, merchandise, as well as contribution and subscription details.
Hartlepool Mail - The online version of the Mail, featuring news from the club.
The Northern Echo - The site of the Northern Echo.
Evening Gazette - Another local paper's site, who, despite mainly concentrating on Middlesbrough, have some coverage of Pools. A good place to go if the others are banned from the ground again!
BBC Sport - The BBC's coverage of Pools is small in comparison to the above but often has some good articles as well as a blog from old boy Gavin Strachan .

General Football

Sporting Life - Scores, Live tables and betting.
Football 365 - Stats from the popular football site.
Football Gound Guide - An essential site for the travelling fan, everything you need to know (and lots you don't) about the gounds of the Football League.
Football Club History Database - Extremely in depth sie looking at the playing records of thousands of English football clubs.
Association of Football Statisicians - The official site of the AFS, contains player information and lots more statistical data.
Since 1888 - Stats on all Football League players, teams and match, as the name suggests since the inception of the league.
Soccerbase - Great site containing all kinds of club, player and fixture information.
Historical Football Kits - A round down of the kits that every Football League club has played in.
The Pyramid - A detailed site looking at all levels of English Football.
English Football - A great site focussing on the clubs outside of the Football League. Created by the sadly late Tony Kempster.
Books about the Club
Title Author Published ISBN
Hartlepool United Ed Law 1989 978-0907969570
Up The Pools Neil Watson & Roy Kelly 1991 978-0951875506
The Definitive Hartlepool United Gordon Small 1998 978-1899468126
Hartlepool United: Superclubs 98-99 Roger Kean (Editor) 1998 978-1840840995
From Tears To Cheers Ritchie Humphreys 2003 978-0954569600
From The Beginning Colin Foster 2005 n/a
The Life Of Brian Honour John Riddle 2008 978-1906358228
Pools & The Busby Babes Malcolm Errington 2007 978-1872239498
A Century Of Poolies Colin Foster 2008 n/a