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Player Records
The complete listing of every player to pull on the blue and white in a competitive game.

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There are a number of ways to sort player records, these are:

1. View full listing in Player ID* order.

War Years

2. View full listing in alphabetical order.

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3. View the top scorers and appearance makers.

  Apps Goals
All Competitions: Top 200 Top 200
Football League: Top 200 Top 150
F.A. Cup: Top 150 Top 40
F.L. Cup: Top 100 Top 25
A.M. Cup: Top 100 Top 15
D3(N) Cup: Top 25 Full list
FL Play-offs: Top 25 Full list
Non-League*: Top 100 Top 75
War Years: Top 50 Top 45

4. View Goalkeeper only listing.
See all the custodians who have appeared between the posts for Pools.
Listings are ordered alphabetically, chronologically and also in appearance and clean sheet order.
All Goalkeeping lists can be found here

5. Clubs invovled in tranfer activity with Hartlepool.

Players In - View a list of where players have moved from.
Players Out - View a list of where players have moved to.
War Guests - Which clubs did the players representing Pools in the war belong to.
Loaned From - View a list of clubs that have loaned players to Hartlepool.

*Player ID is defined by the order in which the players make their first league appearance for the club. e.g. player 'A' starts in game number 0001, player 'B' starts in game number 0002. Player 'A' has lower ID.

If two players make their debuts during the same game, the ID's are given by shirt number. e.g. Player 'C' and Player 'D' start in game 0005, Player 'C' is number 1 and Player 'D' is number 11. Player 'C' has lowest ID of the debuatants, Player 'D' has the highest ID of the new players.