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Acknowledgements and Sources
There is a number of web-sites and books that the information on this site has been taken from, hopefully, I've mentioned everyone of these below.

The information on the site has been taken from a number of sources, the most helpful of these has been Gordon Small's quite brilliant 'Definitive Hartlepool United F.C.' It's probably fair to say that this book has become my HUFC bible, almost all of the individual match data in one form or another has been taken from the mighty blue book. For the seasons from 1998 onwards, most of the data was taken from my own statistical matrices and player listings, the remaining bits and pieces have been compiled using the Soccerbase and the AFS web-sites.

Two other web-sites have proved invaluable while I've been piecing together information about each and everyone of the opposing teams that we have come up against, these are The Football Grounds Guide and The Football Club History Database. The first has been a great help in creating the opposition stadium details, and the latter has helped me with names and the status of particular clubs.

Aside from the invaluable 'Definitive HUFC' a number of other football statistical and historical books were of great help. For player information Michael Joyce's 'Football League Players' Records 1888-1939' and Barry Hugman's 'PFA Premier and Football Players' Records 1946-2005' were both a revelation. Another Soccerdata book, 'Red-Missed' was a fantastic birthday present, Thanks Dave, the data has been used for the Sendings Off pages. A new website has been launched by the team behind the Football League Players Records books. The site, Since 1888, makes full use of the player data featured in the books and is a great resource for fans and statisticians alike.

For the early Non-League years a massive thank-you needs to go out to Colin Foster, the author of 'In The Beginning - Hartlepools United 1908-1921' for info relating to starting XI's and Player information for seasons 1908-09 to 1920-21. Much of the info was gained during the research of the book long before it had been published, but he was still willing to give up a lot of his work to me. Colin was also the main supplier of data relating to West Hartlepool's victorious Amateur Cup campaign.

Information from the WWII Years has been gathered from a number of sources, the two most helpful were 'Soccer At War' which covers all football played during Wartime and sanctioned by the F.A, and 'The Forgotten F.A. Cup' which chronicles both the F.A. Cup of 1945-46 as well as the final wartime season.

Attendance information was gained from 'Through The Turnstiles... Again' and details of Football League Elections meetings and results has been taken from the brilliant 'Denied F.C.'.

Last, but by no means least, I must thank Hartlepool United Football Club for producing the highs and lows that I've lived my life around for the past twenty years, during the compilation of this site, a lot of memories have been awoken, some good, some bad but all have confirmed my love for, and devotion of, our football club.

I must admit that a lot of bits of useless information have attached themselves to my brain, unfortunately, the number of people who actually care about the number of appearances that Cecil Potter made in the F.A. Cup or the attendance of the first league game that we competed in probably could be counted on one hand of a leper, but it 'floats my boat' so that's all that matters! Although seeing as you're reading this you're obviously interested in these kind of things too!!

To every Tom, Dick and Harry, as well as every Joshie, Alf, Tewfik, Ernie, Joe, Brian, Jan Ove, Riccardo, Ambrose, Dean, Micky, Tony, Ritchie, Marco, Dimitrios, Eifion, Godwin and Leon that ever pulled on the sacred blue and white shirt and entertained the crowd this site wouldn't be possible without all 1000+ of you. Not forgetting Fred, Percy, Jack, Cecil, Davy, Bill, Jackie, Jimmy, Fred, Ray, Bill, Allenby, Bob, Alvan, Geoff, Brian, Angus, John, Len, Ken, Billy, John, Mick, John, Bobby, Cyril, Alan, Viv, John, David, Keith, Mick, Brian, Paul, Colin, Mike, Neale, Martin, Danny and Chris who (for the most part) have moulded the aforementioned players into a team that we are proud to call our own.

Up The Pools,
Paul, the Croydon Poolie.

By the way, Cecil Potter made 11 Cup appearances in blue and white and a reported 10,000 people were present see a 2-0 away victory at Wrexham in 1921!

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