Colin West
Personal Info
Manager Number:   37
Surname: West
Firstname(s): Colin
Date of Birth: 13/11/1962
Place of Birth:


International Honours: None
Clubs played for: Sunderland, Watford, Rangers, Sheffield Wed, West Brom, Port Vale, Swansea City, Leyton O, Northampton Town, Northwich Vic & Hartlepool Utd

Colin West's playing record with the club.

Colin West took charge of the club as a caretaker manager.

Hartlepool Career
Became manager on:   7th November 2002 Age:   39 years, 359 days
Left the postion on:

  21st November 2002


  40 years, 8 days

Time in charge:   14 days  

Managerial Record with the 'Pool
  Matches Percentage Rank /41*
Won: 1 n/a 0
Lost: 0 n/a 0
Drawn: 1 n/a 0
Total: 2  
Win:Loss ratio: n/a 0
% Undefeated: n/a 0
* - Not included in rankings as only in charge for two games.

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