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Representative Opposition
During the Non-League era a number of friendly matches were arranged against representative sides from the local area, local leagues and military units to raise funds for the club, and during the War Years to raise the town's morale. All of these games took place at the Vic'.

Opponents Date Score Scorers Att
Leeds League XI 09/04/1909
1-0 W
Edgley 3,000
Hartlepool District XI 02/01/1912
4-1 W
Bennett, Carr, Martin, Penman N/A
Leeds League XI 23/03/1913
9-0 W
Baker 2, Bennett 4, Butler, Fletcher, May 2,000
Yorks Batallion 26/12/1918
3-0 W
J Hibbert 2 (2 pens), Swift N/A
Cheshire Regiment 02/01/1919
2-2 D
Simmonds, W Thompson N/A
Hartlepool District XI 02/01/1920
0-2 L
Leeds District XI 06/04/1920
6-0 W
Gray, Hewitt 3, Thoms (pen), Toward 1,500
Wearside League XI 10/04/1920
2-0 W
Hewitt, Thoms N/A

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